Xoán Curiel was born in Fonsagrada, in the mountains of Lugo in 1975.

In 1998 he moved to Santiago de Compostela, where he developed his career as an actor, musician and singer. Forms of theater, musical theater and other performing disciplines in Santiago, Barcelona and Madrid, while developing his career as a composer.

During 7 years working in various theater companies as an actor, singer, musician and dancer until he recorded his first album in 2009. Nai An album that will result in his first leading tours abroad (Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Italy and France , among others).

In 2011, presents his second magnetic disc Zen, who won Award for Best Album in Galician Language in the 5th Annual Independent Music.

In 2014 presents his third album in the summer !!! We are a baby book-album which was also named in the sixth Independent Music Awards.

Similarly he was nominated in the category of Composers Awards II in the music of Martin Codax Gallego.

In 2015 he recorded his voice in the film songs in the form of small fingers Cuban Silvio Rodriguez gallegas he created for the film said.

In 2016, he presents his fourth album, Equations an experimental album recorded in the studios of Radio Galicia in Santiago de Compostela with a sound engineer Toño Vazquez and also in Sao Paulo (Brazil) with guitarist Julio Santo. The result is six very lyrical subjects, intimate air and electronic databases; result musically very different from previous works.

Throughout these years, John participates in various shows and festivals, mainly linked to the Lusophone and music copyright.

Shows: corason, the girl and cricket, colors Atlantic Earth Society, children Sons, Moby Dick, The Diaspora, El Circo masks, Night, the Wizard of Oz, Mirinda Affaire ..

Festivals: How many in the tide of the Atlantic Fest, Marrodán Canto, Azores Fringe Festival, theater Tarrega, Wanderings, Cantigas de Mayo festivals ... runs well and I am the I and II Festival of Chanson / Teo Gallego County.

has shared the stage with sigueintes artists: Carlos do Carmo, Javier Alvarez, Margaret MENECES, Mayra Andrade, Eugenia, Zambujo Antonio Carlos Blanco, Aline Frazão, Joao Afonso, Eneida Marta, Couple coffe, Fred Martin, Maria Pujalte, Joseba Gotzon, Nico Etxart, Gontzal Méndez Josep Tero ...

Record your voice and sometimes participates with his songs in the album: My Embala Aline Frazão (Angola) / Kate Light Targa (California - USA) / corason (Kalandraka - Galicia) / Ze Paulo Medeiros Trilogy (Sao Paulo) / Son Brasilego Sergio Tannus (Niteroi - Galicia / Galeoke (Galicia) / Arrolos Salitre Xabier Fernandez Diaz and William (Galicia)

Their songs are taken translated and sung in Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, German and US English.